Irish Car Bomb Recipe

The Irish Car Bomb cocktail is a popular drink that combines the flavors of Guinness Stout, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Jameson Whiskey into one delicious concoction. This iconic drink has become a staple in pubs and bars across the world, particularly during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. In this article, we’ll delve into the history of the Irish Car Bomb cocktail and explore its ingredients in detail.


Servers: 1

  • 1 pint of Cold Guinness stout
  • 1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

Optional variations: coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup, caramel, different types of whiskey or stout, different types of milk or cream

Taster’s Guide Tip 203: Irish Car Bomb

the Irish Car Bomb cocktail is that its name is considered controversial and offensive in some contexts. The name “Irish Car Bomb” references a tragic event in Irish history, the car bombings that occurred during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Due to the sensitive nature of the name and its connection to a violent past, many Irish bars and establishments choose to use alternative names for the drink, such as “Irish Slammer” or “Irish Bomb Shot.” It’s important to be mindful of cultural sensitivities and respectful when discussing or ordering this cocktail.


  1. Prepare the Guinness Stout Layer:
    • Make sure your Guinness stout is cold.
    • Fill a pint glass two-thirds full with cold Guinness.
    • Wait for the head to settle, which can take a minute or two.
  2. Pour the Bailey’s Irish Cream Layer:
    • Slowly pour 1 oz of Bailey’s Irish Cream on top of the settled Guinness layer.
    • Pour it in a way that it reaches just below the rim of the glass.
    • Be careful not to pour too quickly or too close to the surface, as this may mix the layers.
  3. Drop the Jameson Whiskey Shot:
    • Fill a shot glass with 1 oz of Jameson Irish whiskey.
    • Hold the shot glass above the pint glass at chest height.
    • Gently drop the shot glass into the pint glass.
    • Ensure a smooth drop without splashing or spilling.
  4. Enjoy your Irish Car Bomb:
    • Start drinking from the pint glass as soon as you drop the shot.
    • Let the flavors of Guinness, Bailey’s, and Jameson mix together in your mouth.

A Brief History of The Irish Car Bomb Cocktail

Although it is unclear exactly when or where the first Irish Car Bomb was made, many people believe that it originated in Connecticut in the 1970s. The drink’s name is said to have been inspired by a car bombing incident that happened in Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ – a period of political conflict between Northern Ireland and Great Britain from 1968 to 1998.

The cocktail quickly became popular among college students due to its explosion-like effect when dropping whiskey shot into the beer glass containing Bailey’s and Guinness. This move creates fizzle similar to an actual car bomb explosion hence its name.

Explanation of Ingredients Used

The simplicity of this recipe is part of what has made it so enduringly popular over time- just three basic ingredients are needed: Guinness Stout, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Jameson Whiskey. Guinness stout gives the drink its rich color with an unmistakable deep brown hue from roasted barley used to brew it.

The beer also provides a slightly bitter taste that blends well with other ingredients in this cocktail. Bailey’s adds sweetness to balance out bitterness from guinness while providing silky-smooth creamy texture to this otherwise sharp-tasting cocktail.

Similarly, Jameson whiskey adds punchiness necessary for lively flavors. The combination of all three ingredients makes the Irish Car Bomb cocktail a real crowd-pleaser among those with a love for beers and spirits.

The Guinness Stout Layer

How to Pour a Perfect Guinness Layer

Pouring the perfect layer of Guinness for an Irish Car Bomb is crucial to achieving both the look and taste of this classic cocktail. First, make sure your Guinness stout is cold, as this will help with the settling process.

Begin by filling your glass two-thirds full with cold Guinness. Next, you’ll need to wait for the head to settle before adding any additional ingredients.

This can take up to a minute or two, so be patient! Once the head has settled, it’s time to add the next layer of your Irish Car Bomb.

Slowly pour Bailey’s Irish Cream on top of your Guinness until it reaches just below the rim of the glass. Be sure not to pour too quickly or too close to the surface, as this will cause mixing with the Guinness layer below and ruin your desired layered effect.

Tips for Achieving The Right Consistency and Texture

To achieve a thick and creamy consistency of Guiness for an Irish Car Bomb recipe, it’s important that you properly pour and chill your beer beforehand. Ideally, you want a thick creamy head that settles evenly in order to create a stable base for adding other ingredients such as Bailey’s Irish Cream. Another key tip is adjusting your pouring angle while pouring into a glass.

A 45-degree angle helps maintain carbonation levels while ensuring that there are no bubbly bits in between layers which can lead to premature mixing. It’s also important not only how much beer you’re pouring but also how fast or slow you’re doing it – too quickly and everything will mix together before getting past halfway through; too slowly means an unbalanced drink without enough head on top!

The Bailey’s Irish Cream Layer

How to Make the Perfect Bailey’s Layer

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a key ingredient in the Irish Car Bomb recipe, so making sure that you have the perfect layer is essential. To make it, pour 1 oz of Bailey’s into a shot glass. Use a spoon to pour it slowly on top of the Guinness layer.

Aim for a gentle and steady stream, as this will help to create a distinct separation between the two layers. One important thing to keep in mind when making this layer is to use fresh Baileys that hasn’t been sitting around for too long.

This will help ensure that your cocktail has a smooth and creamy taste. Also, make sure not to shake or stir the Baileys as this can cause it to clump together and ruin your perfect layer.

Tips for Achieving a Smooth and Creamy Texture

To achieve that creamy texture in your Bailey’s layer, there are some tips you should follow. First and foremost, make sure that both your Guinness layer and shot glass are chilled before pouring in the Baileys. This will help prevent any heat transfer during pouring which can cause mixing of different layers.

Another tip is about how you pour your Baileys; use a spoon while you’re pouring slowly from about 10 inches above from the shot glass surface so it can form its own distinct layer without mixing with the other elements of cocktail mixture. Remember not to overpour when adding Baileys into your mixture as adding excess amounts can disturb balance between various flavors present in cocktail recipe.

The Jameson Whiskey Shot

Importance of using Jameson whiskey in the recipe

The Irish Car Bomb is a popular cocktail that has become a staple in many bars around the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is the use of Jameson Irish whiskey in the recipe. Jameson whiskey has a distinct flavor and aroma that complements the other ingredients used in this cocktail, making it unique and delicious.

Jameson is a triple-distilled Irish whiskey that uses barley, maize, and pure spring water. The grains are mashed and mixed with hot water to release their sugars, which are then fermented for up to five days.

After fermentation, the liquid is distilled three times to increase its purity and smoothness. The result is a rich, flavorful whiskey that’s perfect for cocktails like the Irish Car Bomb.

How to properly drop the shot into the glass

Dropping a shot into a glass of beer may seem simple enough, but there are some tips you can follow to ensure you get it right every time. First, pour half a pint of Guinness stout into a pint glass. Then take your shot glass filled with Jameson whiskey and Bailey’s Irish cream mixture.

You will want to hold your shot glass above your pint glass at about chest height before dropping it in. Make sure you drop it gently so as not to splash or spill any of your ingredients out of either glass.

The key is timing; you need to drop the shot just as you start drinking from your Guinness pint so that all three flavors mix together perfectly in your mouth. If done correctly, you’ll experience an explosion of flavors that make this drink irresistible.

Using Jameson Irish whiskey in an Irish Car Bomb recipe creates an unparalleled taste experience like no other cocktail out there. Dropping the shot perfectly takes some practice but when done right – it’s worth it.

Variations of Irish Car Bomb Recipe

The Irish Car Bomb is a classic cocktail with a rich history, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your recipe. There are many different ways to customize the drink to your liking, whether you’re looking to add a bit more sweetness or spice things up with a different type of alcohol.

Different ways to customize the recipe

One popular variation on the traditional recipe is to add a splash of coffee liqueur like Kahlua or Tia Maria. This adds an extra layer of flavor and complexity to the drink, making it perfect for coffee lovers.

Another way to switch things up is by incorporating different types of whiskey or stout. For example, using an oatmeal stout instead of Guinness can add extra creaminess and texture to your cocktail.

If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, consider adding a drizzle of chocolate syrup or caramel on top of your Bailey’s layer. You can also experiment with using different types of milk or cream in place of the traditional heavy cream used in the recipe.

In addition to these customizations, there are also many regional variations on the Irish Car Bomb. For example, in some parts of the United States, bartenders may substitute Fireball whiskey for Jameson in order to add an extra kick.

In other areas, they may use creme de menthe instead of Bailey’s for a minty twist on the classic cocktail. Internationally, there are also plenty of creative spins on this iconic drink.

Some bars in Japan have been known to serve an Irish Car Bomb-style cocktail made with green tea instead of stout and matcha powder instead of cocoa powder for garnish. In Mexico City, there is even a version that uses tequila instead of whiskey, known as the Mexican Car Bomb.

Overall, there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your Irish Car Bomb recipe. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, spicy, or just a little bit different from the norm, there’s sure to be a variation out there that suits your taste buds perfectly.

Tips for Serving Irish Car Bomb

Best Occasions to Serve Irish Car Bomb Cocktail

Irish Car Bomb has been a popular cocktail choice for many years, and it’s an excellent drink to serve at various occasions. However, it’s essential to consider your audience before deciding to serve this cocktail.

It is a heavy drink that contains alcohol with high potency. Therefore, it may not be suitable for some people.

The best occasion to serve an Irish Car Bomb is during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which is a popular holiday that honors Ireland and its culture. Other suitable occasions include birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events.

It’s crucial to note that the Irish Car Bomb name may offend some individuals due to the historic political unrest in Ireland. Therefore, consider renaming the cocktail or serving it as “Guinness bomb” or “Irish Jagerbomb” instead.

Appropriate Serving Sizes and Glassware

The serving size of an Irish Car Bomb cocktail depends on the type of glassware you use. The traditional size is usually between eight and ten ounces with a shot glass containing one ounce of whiskey dropped into a pint-sized beer glass filled three-fourths full with Guinness and Bailey’s mixture.

The type of glassware used also impacts the taste of the drink. For instance, using a narrow highball glass will cause most of the Bailey’s cream layer to mix with the Guinness stout layer before drinking hence altering its taste.

It is advisable to use appropriate thick-walled glasses since they absorb heat from hot drinks like coffee or tea and prevent them from burning your fingers. Similarly, such glasses maintain the temperature of cold drinks like an Irish car bomb cocktail hence keeping them chilled for longer periods without diluting their flavor through melting ice cubes.

When serving an Irish car bomb cocktail: 1) consider your audience, 2) think about the occasion, and 3) use appropriate glassware and serving sizes. These tips will ensure that your guests have an enjoyable experience drinking this classic cocktail.


A Recap of key points covered in this article

In this article, we discussed the history of the Irish Car Bomb cocktail and its popularity in bars around the world. We also covered the different ingredients used in the recipe, including Guinness Stout, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Jameson whiskey.

We explored how to pour a perfect Guinness layer and make a smooth Bailey’s layer. We also discussed tips for serving and customizing the recipe.

In addition, we covered popular variations of the Irish Car Bomb recipe from different regions around the world. From adding caramel to using regional beers like Kilkenny or Murphy’s Stout, there are many ways to create customized versions of this classic cocktail.

The Irish Car Bomb remains a popular cocktail because it is both delicious and easy to make. The combination of rich flavors from Guinness Stout, creamy Bailey’s Irish Cream, and smooth Jameson whiskey creates a unique taste that appeals to many people. Moreover, it has become an iconic drink served in many bars for special occasions like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or watching rugby games with friends.

It is also versatile enough to be enjoyed as either a dessert or an after-dinner drink. Overall, whether you’re enjoying an Irish Car Bomb at home or out with friends at your favorite bar – cheers!

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