green tea shot recipe

Green Tea Shot Recipe: Quick & Easy

Are you looking for a new and exciting cocktail to try at your next night out with friends? Look no further than the green tea shot! This delicious and refreshing drink has become increasingly popular over the years, both in bars and at home parties.

But, have you ever wondered where this trendy shot originated from? The green tea shot was first created in Japan by a bartender named Mariano Licudine.

Licudine worked at the Kahiki restaurant in Columbus, Ohio during the 1950s and 60s, and is credited with inventing many popular tiki-style drinks that are still enjoyed today. The original green tea shot recipe was made with vodka, sour mix, and a splash of green tea liqueur.

Over time, variations on this recipe were developed, but all included green tea as a key ingredient. So why has this drink become so popular among bar-goers?

For starters, its unique combination of sweet and sour flavors makes it incredibly refreshing to sip on during a night out. Additionally, its bright green color catches people’s attention and adds a fun element to any gathering.

Because it’s such an easy drink to make – requiring only a few ingredients – it’s often chosen by bartenders when they need something quick to whip up for patrons. With all these factors combined, it’s no wonder why the green tea shot has become such a hit!


Servers: 2

  • 1/2oz Jameson Whiskey
  • 1/2oz Honey
  • 1tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • 1/2oz Hot Water
  • Splash of Sprite (to taste)
  • Ice

Taster’s Guide Tip 202: Green Tea Shots ?

Did you know that the Green Tea Shot is a popular cocktail known for its vibrant green color and unique combination of flavors?

The Green Tea Shot is often associated with Japanese culture due to its inclusion of matcha green tea powder, which is widely consumed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. However, this shot is a modern twist that combines elements of Japanese and Irish influences.


  1. Gather the ingredients: matcha green tea powder, hot water, honey, Jameson whiskey, Sprite, and ice cubes.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  3. Add Jameson whiskey, honey, matcha green tea powder, and hot water to the shaker.
  4. Close the shaker tightly and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds.
  5. Prepare shot glasses.
  6. Strain the mixture from the shaker into the shot glasses.
  7. Add Sprite to each shot glass, adjusting to taste. Serve and enjoy your Green Tea Shots!

Note: This recipe serves up to two people. Feel free to adjust the quantities of the ingredients based on your preferences or the number of servings needed.

Explanation of each ingredient and its role in the drink

Jameson whiskey is a popular ingredient in many cocktails, and it adds a unique flavor to this drink. Jameson whiskey has a smooth taste with hints of vanilla, making it an excellent base for any cocktail.

The peach schnapps adds a sweet, fruity flavor to the drink that complements the whiskey perfectly. The sour mix is another key ingredient used in many cocktails, including the green tea shot.

Sour mix is made from equal parts lemon juice and simple syrup, which gives it a tart taste that blends well with other flavors. Adding Sprite creates carbonation and balances out the sweetness of the schnapps.

These four simple ingredients work together to create an unforgettable flavor experience that will leave you wanting more. While these are traditional ingredients used in making green tea shots, there are variations where you can add or substitute other flavors based on your preference.

Tips on how to make it taste better

If you want to take your green tea shot game up a notch there are various tips that can come in handy for making it taste better. Firstly, use high-quality ingredients like organic Japanese matcha powder for maximum freshness and flavor. Try using good quality honey too; locally sourced raw honey works best because it has more flavor than processed honey.

Another tip is to play around with ingredient ratios. If you prefer your drink sweeter or stronger, adjust the amount of whiskey or honey accordingly until you find your sweet spot!

Serving temperature matters too! Ideally serve chilled as heat can affect the flavor profile of this drink quite drastically so avoid warming up before serving!

Green Tea Shot

Variations: Mix it Up!

One of the best things about the green tea shot is its versatility. There are many different ways to make it, whether you want to spice things up or make it a bit sweeter.

The key is to experiment and find the recipe that works best for you. Here are a few suggestions for variations to try:

Spicy Green Tea Shot:

If you’re in the mood for something with a bit more kick, try adding a dash of Tabasco sauce or some jalapeno slices to your green tea shot recipe. This variation is perfect for those who love heat. You can also add some lime juice to balance out the spiciness and give it a tangy flavor.

Sweet Green Tea Shot:

For those who prefer their drinks on the sweeter side, consider adding some honey or agave syrup to your green tea shot recipe. This will give it a more mellow taste that’s perfect for sipping on after dinner. You can also add some mint leaves or lavender for an extra touch of sweetness.

Tropical Green Tea Shot:

If you’re looking for something with a taste of paradise, try adding pineapple juice or coconut milk to your green tea shot recipe. This variation is reminiscent of tropical island flavors and will transport you straight into vacation mode!

Suggestions for Substitutions or Additions

There are also many different substitutions and additions that can be made when making green tea shots. Here are just a few ideas:

Liquor Substitutions:

While traditional recipes call for Jameson Irish Whiskey as the liquor of choice, feel free to substitute with other types of whiskey or even vodka if preferred.

Garnish Additions:

Green tea shots can be garnished in a number of ways to add an extra touch of flavor. Try adding a slice of lemon or lime to the rim of your shot glass, or garnishing with a sprig of rosemary for an herbal twist.

Tea Variations:

Green tea can come in many different varieties, and using different types can give your shots unique flavors. Try using jasmine green tea for a floral taste, or matcha green tea for an earthy flavor.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making green tea shots. Get creative and mix it up until you find the perfect recipe that suits your taste buds.

Green Tea Shot

Serving and Pairing

Best Occasions to Serve the Green Tea Shot

The green tea shot is a perfect drink to serve at parties, social gatherings, or even just for a relaxing evening at home. It’s a great way to impress friends with your bartending skills or give them something fun and unique to drink. One of the best occasions to serve this cocktail is at a brunch event.

The green tea shot works well as a morning pick-me-up and goes perfectly with pancakes, waffles, or any other breakfast food. Another great occasion to serve the green tea shot is during happy hour.

It’s a popular drink among bar-goers because it’s so easy to make and goes down smooth. The sweet taste of the peach schnapps paired with the bitter taste of the green tea will have your guests coming back for more all night long.

Foods that Pair Well with It

The flavors in this cocktail can be paired beautifully with certain foods if served as an accompaniment. For example, sushi rolls are an excellent pairing option for this drink because they have flavors that complement each other perfectly.

If you’re looking for something less traditional to pair it with, try serving it alongside some freshly-baked cookies or brownies. The sweetness of the dessert will mesh well with the sweetness in the cocktail while also providing something solid to snack on.

Spicy foods are always a great match for this drink because they balance out its sweetness while adding an extra kick of flavor. So go ahead and pair your green tea shot alongside some buffalo chicken wings or hot sauce-drenched fries!

Fun Facts

Interesting facts about green tea shot that most people don’t know about:

Green tea shots are a relatively new creation. They were first made in 2010 at a bar called Rattle Inn in Austin, Texas.

Since then, they have become incredibly popular and can now be found in bars all over the world. The green tea shot isn’t actually made with green tea.

Instead, it gets its name from the color of the drink. The ingredients used to make the shot include Jameson Irish whiskey and peach schnapps, which are mixed together with a splash of sour mix and topped with Sprite.

Another interesting fact is that the green tea shot is often served as a “bomb” shot, which means it is dropped into a glass of energy drink before being consumed. This can give the drinker an extra boost of energy and make for an even more exciting drinking experience.

Trivia questions to ask when serving it at parties:

1. What city was the green tea shot first created in?

2. What ingredient gives the drink its distinctive green color?

3. Is an energy drink typically included when serving this cocktail?

Bonus: What is your favorite variation on this classic recipe? Asking trivia questions is a great way to add some fun to any party or gathering where you’re serving drinks.

It makes for good conversation starters and can also help people learn new things about their favorite cocktails. So next time you’re serving up some green tea shots, try throwing out a few trivia questions to see how much your guests really know about this popular drink!


Recap of key points

Green tea shot is a simple, yet delicious drink that can be enjoyed on a variety of occasions. To make this popular cocktail, you need Jameson Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, lemon juice and matcha green tea powder.

These ingredients combine to create a sweet and sour flavor profile with a hint of bitterness from the green tea. One great thing about the recipe is that it’s highly customizable.

You can adjust the amounts of each ingredient to suit your taste preferences or try out different variations altogether. Some people like to use honey syrup instead of peach schnapps for a sweeter taste while others add ginger beer or club soda for some extra fizz.

Final thoughts on why everyone should try making this drink

If you’re looking for something new to try at your next party or night out, give the green tea shot recipe a shot! Not only is it easy to make and highly customizable, but it’s also relatively healthy compared to other cocktails. Matcha green tea powder is packed with antioxidants and has been linked to numerous health benefits such as reducing inflammation and improving brain function.

Additionally, green tea shot can be paired with a variety of different foods such as sushi rolls or spicy chicken wings. The sweet and sour flavors in the cocktail help cut through rich or spicy dishes making it an ideal complement.

There’s just something about sipping on a bright green drink that makes any occasion feel more festive! So gather your friends together and give this delicious cocktail recipe a try – you won’t regret it!

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