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12-03-2017 Hits:173 Tastings  - avatar Stefan

I went to the state owned alcohol monopoly store Wednesday this week. They had a Grappa tasting. I have had very little Grappa before. I have one not very exclusive...

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12-03-2017 Hits:168 Tastings  - avatar Stefan

A friend of mine read an old book that mentioned a drink called Rumfustin in 'less flattering' terms. Very much so... He got curious about it and suggested we try...

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Brewski Festival

28-08-2016 Hits:816 News  - avatar Administrator

I attended the first Brewski Festival, Brewskival 2016, in Helsingborg, Sweden yesterday. It was a nice event with a lot of different micro breweries invited. I liked the variety of...

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2016-08-25 Update

26-08-2016 Hits:759 Site updates  - avatar Administrator

Hello there...  My guess is that nobody will read this. The site has been down for a looong time by now. Both due to lacking time and interest on my part...

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Samtse Distillery / Army Welfare Project

02-02-2015 Hits:2715 Bhutan  - avatar Administrator

  Samtse Distillery / Army Welfare Project  Year established: 1981  Year closed:  Owner: Armed Forces of Bhutan  Web page: http://www.awp.com.bt/  Mail address: awpho@druknet.bt awpsam@druknet.bt  Type of still:  Production capacity: 10 million cases per year  Location: Samtse  History: The Army Welfare Project was established in 1974 with the aim...

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02-02-2015 Hits:1623 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Totpak  Year established: 1990  Year closed:  Owner: The Henning family  Web page: http://www.totpak.co.za/  Mail address: totpak@iafrica.com  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Ventersdorp  History:      Products: Coral Island Cane Spirit Vol. 43% sold in plastic sachets Fletchers Rum 43% Made from molasses and sugar cane juice Fletchers Spiced 35%...

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Stan Mullett

02-02-2015 Hits:1648 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Stan Mullett  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Mullet's Special Reserve 43% alc vol  

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Sedgwick Tayler Limited

02-02-2015 Hits:1328 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

Sedgwick Tayler Limited  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Mainstay    

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Ricardo Dominion Rum Company

02-02-2015 Hits:1283 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Ricardo Dominion Rum Company  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Stellenbosch  History: Ricardo Dominion Rum Company was incorporated in South Africa on June 25, 1942.    Products: Copperband Original Rhumba 23% vol  

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Red Heart Rum

02-02-2015 Hits:1188 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Red Heart Rum Year established:  Year closed:  Owner: Pernod Ricard South Africa  Web page: http://www.pernod-ricard.co.za/brand/red-heart-rum  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Cape Town  History: Red Heart is the leading premium dark rum on the South African Market.   Red Heart is double distilled...

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Montego Bay Rum Company

02-02-2015 Hits:1292 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Montego Bay Rum Company Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:     Products: Montego Original Blended Dark Rum    

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Mainstay International

02-02-2015 Hits:1198 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Mainstay International  Year established: 1954  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.mainstay.co.za/  Mail address:  Type of still: Continuous column still  Production capacity:  Location:  History: It was created in the cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal and originally known as 'gavine' or 'mystery liquor'. As the name...

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Halewood International South Africa

02-02-2015 Hits:1111 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Halewood International South Africa  Year established: 1999  Year closed:  Owner: Halewood International Holdings PLC (UK)  Web page: http://www.halewood.co.za/  Mail address: info@halewood.co.za  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Benoni  History: Halewood International South Africa (Pty) Ltd was established in 1999 when Halewood International Holdings PLC (UK)...

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Glendale Distilling Company

02-02-2015 Hits:1255 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Glendale Distilling Company  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner: Illovo Limited  Web page: http://www.illovo.co.za/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: In 2012, Illovo is Africa’s largest sugar producer and has extensive agricultural and manufacturing assets in six Southern African countries...

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Gilbey Distillers & Vintners

02-02-2015 Hits:3008 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Gilbey Distillers & Vintners  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Squadron A Blend of local spirits and Jamaican Rum 43% Alc Vol    

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Edward Snell & Co. LTD, Durban

02-02-2015 Hits:1146 South Africa  - avatar Administrator

  Edward Snell & Co. LTD, Durban  Year established: 1848  Year closed:  Owner: Family owned  Web page: http://www.esnell.co.za/  Mail address: info@esnell.co.za  Type of still:  Production capacity: 2.5 million 9 litre equivalent cases Location: Production facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town  History: Edward Snell & Co. Ltd was...

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Rhum Charrette

02-02-2015 Hits:1206 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

Rhum Charrette  Year established: 1972  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.rhum-charrette.com/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: Reunion Island rum is now a stylish, sophisticated drink. A concentration movement has taken place over the years, there were 31 rum...

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02-02-2015 Hits:1188 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

Isautier It is the island’s smallest and oldest distillery. This family business was set up in 1845 and is now run by the 6th generation of owners. The distillery has a...

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GIE Rhums Reunion, Saint Denis

02-02-2015 Hits:1577 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

GIE Rhums Reunion, Saint Denis  Year established: 1972  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.rhum-charrette.com/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Rhum blanc Charrette Rhum traditionnel 49% Rhum Charrette Rhum Pour Cocktails 40% Rhum Special long drinks, punches et cocktails 45% vol Vieux...

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Establissements Rocroy

02-02-2015 Hits:1181 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

Establissements Rocroy  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Rhum Rocroy 50°  

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Distillerie Societe J. Chatel & Cie…

02-02-2015 Hits:1541 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

Distillerie Societe J. Chatel & Cie, Saint-Denis  Year established: 1907  Year closed:  Owner: Family owned  Web page: http://www.groupechatel.com/ ttp://www.chatelboutik.com/ http://distilleriechatel.com/  Mail address: contact@distilleriechatel.com  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Sainte Marie, Ile de La Réunion  History: 1907 Chatel, over a century of family tradition. Rue Juliette Dodu in Saint...

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Distillerie Riviere du Mat (SORACO), Sai…

02-02-2015 Hits:1085 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

Distillerie Riviere du Mat (SORACO), Sainte-Suzanne  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner: Groupe Quartier Français  Web page: http://www.rdm.gqf.com/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Saint-Benoît, Reunion  History: A subsidiary of Groupe Quartier Français, Distillerie Rivière du Mât is located in the Beaufonds...

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Distillerie du Quartier-Francais, Ste. S…

02-02-2015 Hits:1018 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

Distillerie du Quartier-Francais, Ste. Suzanne  Year established: 1923  Year closed: 1982  Owner: See below  Web page: http://www.gqf.com/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Ste Suzanne, La Réunion  History: Built in 1875, the sugar mill Quartier Francais was one of the most productive...

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Distillerie de Vue Belle S.A.

02-02-2015 Hits:1084 Reunion  - avatar Administrator

  Distillerie de Vue Belle S.A.  Year established: 1990  Year closed:  Owner: Distillerie Jean Chatel  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: 1998 Acquisition of the Vue Belle distillery by Distllerie Jean Chatel.    Products: Casse Coco - Punch coco 18% Vol. Dame Noire Dame...

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United Spirits Producers Ltd., Bambous

02-02-2015 Hits:1149 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

  United Spirits Producers Ltd., Bambous  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner: Medine Sugar estates  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Compounded Spirit Cascavelle Special vintage 40% Delice de Canne a sucre 36% Liquor Grand Port 38%  Rum Mon Plaisir 40%

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Rhumerie de Chamarel

02-02-2015 Hits:1149 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

Rhumerie de Chamarel  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.rhumeriedechamarel.com/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Route Royale, Chamarel, Ile Maurice  History: Ideally located in fertile valley which enjoys nice weather all year round, the sugar cane fields are...

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Saint Aubin

02-02-2015 Hits:1110 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

Saint Aubin  Year established: 1918  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.rhumsaintaubin.com/en/ http://www.saintaubin.mu/  Mail address: info@saintaubin.mu  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Saint Aubin Ltée, Rivière des Anguilles, Mauritius  History: Saint Aubin Plantation   Located at southern Mauritius, the fields of Saint Aubin have been under sugar cane...

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New Goodwill Co. Ltd., Port Louis

02-02-2015 Hits:1185 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

New Goodwill Co. Ltd., Port Louis  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address: ngwill@intnet.mu  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Royal Road, Tombeau Bay  History:      Products: Rum of Mauritius 40% Goodwill of Mauritius 40% Goodwill Rum Black Horse  

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Medine Sugar Estates Co.

02-02-2015 Hits:1032 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

Medine Sugar Estates Co.  Year established: 1911  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.medine.com http://www.bluebayb.com  Mail address: communications@medine.com  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Port-Louis, Mauritius  History: Medine Limited owns and operates luxury resorts in Mauritius. It also engages in the cultivation of sugarcane. The company...

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International Distillers (Mauritius) Ltd…

02-02-2015 Hits:1075 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

  International Distillers (Mauritius) Ltd.  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.africanrum.com  Mail address: info@africanrum.com  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: Starr African Rum is one of the first companies to embrace the New Partners for African Development (NEPAD). In 2002...

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Grays & Co., Beau Plan

02-02-2015 Hits:1081 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

Grays & Co., Beau Plan  Year established: 1935  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.grays.mu  Mail address: grays@grays.mu  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Beau Plan, Pamplemousses  History: Established in 1935 and employing more than 400 persons, Grays Inc. Ltd is the pioneer of the...

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E.C. Oxenham

02-02-2015 Hits:1069 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

  E.C. Oxenham  Year established: 1932  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.oxenham.bz/ http://www.oxenham.mu  Mail address: eureka@intnet.mu  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Phoenix Mauritius  History: In 1932, first-generation Mauritius-born Edward Clark Oxenham founded E. C. Oxenham & Cy. Ltd. and started producing wine from imported raisins...

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Domaine Les Pailles

02-02-2015 Hits:1396 Mauritius  - avatar Administrator

  Domaine Les Pailles  Year established: 1758?  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: The Domaine les Pailles have developed from a sugar estate into theme park and center of cultural and heritage. The estate...

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Vidzar de Nosy Be, Dzama

02-02-2015 Hits:2680 Madagascar  - avatar Administrator

  Vidzar de Nosy Be, Dzama  Year established: 1981  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://dzama-international.com/ http://www.dzama.mg/  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: No info, site under construction    Products: Dzama 52% Dzama Blanche Cuvèe Prestige Dzama Cuvee Blanche 40% Dzama Cuvee Noire 43% Dzama Cuvee Speciale Donia 42% Dzama...

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North of Hell Ville

02-02-2015 Hits:1864 Madagascar  - avatar Administrator

North of Hell Ville  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: Being a subtropical region Nosy Be has got a lot of sugar cane. Hence the idea was formed in 1930...

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Melvino, Antananarivo

02-02-2015 Hits:1056 Madagascar  - avatar Administrator

  Melvino, Antananarivo  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner: STAR Brasseries together with CASTEL from South Africa  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:     Products: Ranomahery Rhum special  

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Chu Sai

02-02-2015 Hits:1289 Madagascar  - avatar Administrator

  Chu Sai Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:     Products:  

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UDV Kenya Ltd

02-02-2015 Hits:1093 Kenya  - avatar Administrator

  UDV Kenya Ltd Year established: 1962  Year closed: Owner: East African Breweries Limited (EABL) 46% / DIAGEO 54%  Web page: https://www.eabl.com  Mail address: info@eabl.com  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Nairobi  History: UDV Kenya Ltd led sales in Kenya 2012 largely thanks to its brand...

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United Distillery Group / Al-Ahram Bever…

02-02-2015 Hits:1039 Egypt  - avatar Administrator

United Distillery Group / Al-Ahram Beverages Company  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Zottos Rhum Superieur Original Cubana Superior White Rum Alc. 40% vol          

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The Nil Egypt Co.

02-02-2015 Hits:1044 Egypt  - avatar Administrator

The Nil Egypt Co.  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Solever Superieur  

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Distillerie Zottos & Co., Alexandrie

02-02-2015 Hits:1121 Egypt  - avatar Administrator

 Distillerie Zottos & Co., Alexandrie  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: It was produced by Egyptian Vineyards Co., a state-owned company that was the only licensed distiller of spirits in...

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02-02-2015 Hits:1020 Cape Verde  - avatar Administrator

Pelourinho Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:     Products:      

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Maria Filipa Amado, Soc. Uinp. Lda

02-02-2015 Hits:1284 Cape Verde  - avatar Administrator

Maria Filipa Amado, Soc. Uinp. Lda Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location: Praia Santiago Cape Verde  History:     Products: Monte Negro Rum Grogue Original          

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Joao A. Monteiro & Filhos, LDA., Cam…

02-02-2015 Hits:1678 Cape Verde  - avatar Administrator

Joao A. Monteiro & Filhos, LDA., Campinho  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page: http://www.caboverde.com/pages/211597.htm  Mail address:  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History:      Products: Aguardente de Santo Antao 40% vol Aguardente Nova Santo Antao 40% vol Aguardente Velha de Santo Antao 40% vol Ponche...

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Elisen Tolentino, Santo Antao

02-02-2015 Hits:961 Cape Verde  - avatar Administrator

Elisen Tolentino, Santo Antao  Year established:  Year closed:  Owner:  Web page:  Mail address: Tolentino@cvtlecom.cv  Type of still:  Production capacity:  Location:  History: Established in 1508. <-------------Must check what they mean by that...    Products: Aguardente Velha de Cana Sacarina 40% vol    

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